Rewinder• R •


Automatic machine that rewinds a paper roll (R.P) or a plastic film roll (R.Pl) into an individual roll of a smaller diameter.


• Hydraulic lifting of the input roll.
• Counter of the length of the output roll in m.
• Electrical control panel.
• Airbrake.

Technical specifications

Diameter of input roll:
Width of input roll:
Length of output roll:
Width of output roll:
Diameter of the input madren:
Diameter of the output madren:
Start buttons:

Rewinder R

max: 800mm
min: 800mm - max: 1500mm
min: 8m
min: 800mm - max: 1500mm
max: 76mm
max: 76mm
min: 40gr - max: 250gr
paper's length
2 (under request)

CE marking

The machine complies with the essential health and safety requirements.