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    The company Pliakou Bros is engaged in manufacturing of machinery that process paper and plastic. With the help of many years of experience gained in the field of packaging, the company is evolving dynamically, following the needs of its customers.
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    Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Fyrom, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania.
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The company manufactures high quality machines that stand the test of time, based on the strength of the materials and components that uses.

Its success is based on the combination of quality, good price and easy operation of the machines.

R&D, design, manufacture, sales, technical support, spare parts, installation and training departments work together in harmony in order to provide the best possible result for your needs.

The company launched its first steps in 1978 in Thessaloniki. In 1982 it was well established in the field of packaging machinery manufacturing, as an individual company, named Pliakos Dimitrios.

Today the company continues its course in the field of packaging as Pliakou Bros OE. The new generation maintains the reliability and quality of machines, evolving the business even further.






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