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Paper Sheeter CS.P

Automatic machine that cuts paper rolls into sheets.

Specifications & possibilities

• Paper is transferred to the table of final product with belts or a drum system.
• The table of final product can be adjusted automatically.
• Paper's length is adjusted electronically.
• Possibility of paper cutting to a standard mark.

Plastic film Sheeter CS.Pl

Cuts rolls of plastic film into sheets. Plastic film is driven to cutting bars with the aid of special elastic cylinders. Final product is gathered to a table that is adjusted automatically or to a palette.

CS.Y700 (belts)
Width: min:300mm - max:700mm
Length: min:350mm - max:700mm

CS.Y1000 (belts)
Width: min:300mm - max:1000mm
Length: min:350mm - max:700mm

CS.D1000 (drum)
Width: min:400mm - max:1000mm
Length: min:500mm - max:1000mm


CE marking

The machine complies with the essential health and safety requirements.